Sometimes I think life would be easier if we all spoke the same universal language, with one set of rules which, like music, would be a tool for intercultural communication, bringing people together across boundaries. But then the world would have no need for translators or language teachers and I have no idea what I would do!


A Brighton based linguist from Kraków, I’m in love with Swedish language and culture. I have a MA in Swedish language and literature and am a qualified Swedex A2, B1 and B2 examiner.



2008 I graduated from the Jagiellonian University with the degree in Swedish language and literature and have been working as a freelance translator since. I specialise in Swedish into Polish translation services within public sector. I use SDL Trados Studio and Memsource. Get a quote.

We can definitely recommend Klaudia Grochot’s Polish-Swedish translation services. Good quality translations always on time.

First class translation and all round professional service. Strongly recommended. Many thanks Klaudia, I shall be using your services again!

Private client

Very good translation. Professional and top-notch. Strongly recommend.

Milan Gowin

I have cooperated with Klaudia more than two years in the context of Polish, English and Swedish translations. Klaudia is a really great translator, who is very precise, helpful and open-minded to work with different kinds of tools. Her translations are very professional and always on time.
What is more, the communication with Klaudia is professional and effective. I would like to highly recommend Klaudia for any cooperation, especially in the field of translations.

Lukasz Bartos

Swedish classes

For over 11 years now I have been in love with teaching Swedish. I offer tailor-made one-to-one online classes for everyone, from beginners to advanced speakers. I also teach Swedish at the University of Westminster in London. Book your class here.

I have been studying Swedish with Klaudia for over six years now and passed two international exams in Swedish (SWEDEX B1 and B2) with flying colours under her expert, fun and caring guidance. She is an exceptionally imaginative and passionate teacher, uses highly diverse didactic tools and materials, is flexible and open to suggestions and takes my interests into consideration (thanks for our discussions about horses and languages). For over six years I haven’t had a single boring lesson! Tack, vännen!


Klaudia is exceptionally knowledgeable, and has given me excellent advice on techniques I can use to improve my skills in Swedish. She is great at adapting her approaches, and is very good at coaching and encouraging shy speakers, like me, to be more confident. I am very grateful for her help and support.


Klaudia is fabulous teacher. She has a wonderfully engaging style, and a warm and friendly manner. She is very good at pushing me as a student just beyond my comfort zone and is helping me get great results with my Swedish. I’m improving much faster than I would’ve hoped for.


Klaudia was my Swedish teacher during the period of two years. She always had an efficient plan for every lesson and kept my attention on the highest level. I would hereby confirm she was excellent in communication with students, always able to explain easy and complex topics, grammar, etc. Klaudia is also great influencer. She successfully encouraged me to learn Swedish language and to developed interest in Sweden. I would love to attend any classes with Klaudia and would also be more than happy to work with her because of her skills, attitude and passion.